The Schlossgarten Hotel is located at the place of the Park Sanssouci, where formerly the house of the housekeepers was located. In this place the family Gragert used to live in the times of Frederic.

Many people wonder about the fact that the last one to take the position of the housekeeper was a woman, because normally people were used to giving this position to men.

You will find our Schlossgarten Hotel at the most beautiful place of Potsdam, opposite Sanssouci Park at the Fasanerie (Pheasantery).

Back then, in the days of Frederick the Great, the family Gragert lived at this old place who were, being the royal ‘Schlossbeschlie├čerfamilie’, responsible for the palaces’ locks. Based on old tradition this honourable and trustworthy function was always passed for generations among the male familiy members. The more astonishing it must have been when about 100 years ago this function was given to Miss Gragert.

Moreover was this old place a place of music when royal military musician Sternsdorf of the 1st Guards regiment (later the 9th), who played the French horn, used to live here in an outhouse.

Sternsdorf had been such a good hornist that once he got special leave for 10 days in order to play for the opera of Bern in Switzerland.

Now you might understand why this is an easy place to start off with discovering the wonderful palaces and castle, temple, sculptures and mystic gardens.