Accommodation vouchers

Would you like to give friends, family or your children a memorable stay at the Schlossgartenhotel am Park in Sanssouci in Potsdam?

Nothing is easier than that. You can easily order a voucher at any height for a person or a group of people. The short break at the weekend or one of the worthwhile hotel arrangements, everything can be covered by the voucher of the hotel.

  • The voucher is valid until the devaluation.
  • The voucher is not personal connected.
  • The voucher is for the night & breakfast.
  • Sofortiger Versand nach Rechnungsbegleichung.

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    Single-room voucher / breakfast included

    1 night(s) / 80,00 €2 night(s) / 160,00 €3 night(s) / 240,00 €

    Double room voucher including breakfast

    1 night(s) / 100,00 €2 night(s) / 200,00 €3 night(s) / 300,00 €